Road Trip Essentials was started by road trip enthusiast, Colter Jones, and his dog Miles. After three straight summers in 2018, 2019 and 2020 of hitting the road for at least a month (2020 for four months) Colter compiled a list of all the essential items he too with him claiming that "you ALWAYS forget something." This website, Road Trip Essentials, aims to be a place for you to browse all the items Colter had with him, plus a couple others that may be necessary depending on your particular road trip style. 

For the record, Colter travels with a small dog (Miles) in his Chevrolet Silverado and elects to spend his nights in a pitched tent on the ground at a campsite, the back of his truck, an open plain or a cheap roadside motel. He loves to fish so is always browsing maps looking for bodies of water or National Forests where he can camp for free. Click 'Contact Us' if you are planning a road trip and would like advice regarding a certain route or if you have an idea for an item not displayed in the 156 items showcased here. Who knows, maybe we can get this up to 200 items "Hand Selected, Road Trip Tested!" Scroll Down!

"Godspeed." - Colter